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Media Link: Flower Power (plus xox XRX) (39:47)

Fiber Beat #12, Flower Power (plus xox XRX)

There's a million crafters in Fiber City and we've all got a yarn to spin.

Bobbin's Nest Studio

This episode of Fiber Beat is underwritten by Bobbin's Nest Studio, from Santa Clara, CA. Bobbin's Nest is a yarn and fabric store, specializing in materials for knitting, crocheting, sewing and hand embroidery. And, if you're in the Bay Area in December, join us for Bobbin's Nest's Holiday Cookie Party featuring an appearance by Cookie A. She'll be signing copies of her new book "knit. sock. love". The event is Saturday, December 4th from 4 to 6pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

For this episode I sat down with Earthues partner, Kathy Hattori, after an afternoon workshop of Indigo Dyeing that was part of the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat 2010. I spoke with Kathy about Earthues genesis and it's natural dye mission and message.

Then, I chatted with the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat 2010 scholarship recipient, Rusty Boyd, hailing from Murfreesboro, NC. This year's retreat benefitted tremendously from the generosity of XRX, Inc. in the form its very first scholarship. The unanimous decision of the judges was Rusty Boyd, who joined us for a fun-filled fiber extravaganza in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Rusty Boyd: Dad, Knitter, & Scholarship Winner

Some wonderful news that we got after the completion of the Men's Retreat is that Rusty's is going to be a published designer in a forthcoming book of patterns from Skacel Knitting featuring a new line of yarns called Simplicity. We are so proud of Rusty and look forward to the release of this collection. Congratulations, Rusty!

The following people, places and things were mentioned:


Fiber Beat CONTEST for Episode No. 12

I have two naturally dyed prizes from Earthues: (1) a 22 Mini-Skein Sampler AND (2) an indigo themed Mini-Scarf Kit. Here’s all you have to do to enter a chance to win: tell us your favorite color found in nature. It can be a natural dye, such as madder OR a color of nature. For example, I love the color of maple leaves as they start to change for Fall. Now, it's your turn.

To enter, please leave your comment on fiberbeat.com or on the Fiber Beat Ravelry forum. One winner will be randomly selected from all the entries. DEADLINE FOR ENTERING IS December 15, 2010.

A massively sustainable thank you to everyone who downloaded and listened to the first NINETEEN episodes (audio/video) of Fiber Beat. Let me know what you think and leave a review on iTunes!

A naturally-hued hug to Kathy Hattori of Earthues & Rusty Boyd. Super scholarship thanks to XRX, Inc.

We used snippets of the songs below in this episode. If you like the music, please support the artists (links provided for your convenience):

  • "Fiber Beat theme" performed by Anthony Bonet from exclusive to Fiber Beat (2010)
  • "Brady Bunch - Incidental Music" composed by Frank DeVol from The Brady Bunch: The Complete Series (Paramount, 1969)
  • "Mood Indigo" performed by Duke Ellington and his Orchestra from Indigos (Columbia, 1990)
  • "The Secret Life of Plants" performed by Gilberto Gil from Acoustico (Atlantic, 1994)
  • "Ghananayakam" performed by U Srinivasfrom Modern Mandolin Maestro (Ace, 1991)
  • "The Safety Dance" performed by Men Without Hats from Rhythm of Youth (Virgin, 1982)
  • "Mood Indigo" performed by Frank Sinatra from In the Wee Small Hours (Capitol, 1955)
  • "Rusty the Clown" performed by The Wiggles from Go Bananas! (Razor & Tie, 2010)
  • "Lucky So and So" performed by Mose Allison from Middle Class White Boy (Elektra, 1982)
  • "A Fine Romance" performed by Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald from Ella and Louis Again (Verve, 1957)
  • "Family Affair" performed by Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers from Go Go Swing Live (Future Records, 1986)
  • "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" performed by The Band of the Corps of Royal Engineers from Music For An Occasion (Bandleader Recordings, 2006)
  • "(Listen to the) Flower People" performed by Spinal Tap from This is Spinal Tap (Polydor, 1984)


My name is WonderMike and I'll see YOU on the Fiber Beat!!

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  • The color of the ocean, when it's super crystal clear and the variation that appears based on depth and other things in the water, like reefs.

    posted by: betsy on 2010-12-10 22:44:42

  • Spring green. Hands down. That amazing shade of green when the leaves are just starting to unfurl. Thanks for the great podcast!

    posted by: Jan Smiley on 2010-12-01 22:37:43

  • My favorite colors currently are greens, the greens of a new garden, the fresh shoots of lettuces, the lighter underside of the leaves. I just love the contrast of the brown of the soil and the green against it!

    posted by: Kathy on 2010-11-27 13:53:29

  • What a great episode! Very educational and not in a boring way at all! And congrats to Rusty! I love the varieties of teals from the bright blue of the carribean beaches to the super iridescent teal of certain insects like dragonflies.

    posted by: Brandi on 2010-11-26 04:23:22

  • The combination of yellow and red on the skin of a ripe mango.

    posted by: EL on 2010-11-22 17:39:02

  • Hydrangeas. They come in the best purples, pinks and blues. I'm not sure that they are useful as dyes (being rather like litmus paper indicating the acidity of soil they find themselves in) but the colors of the blooms can be found in just about every fibery thing I pick up first at a vendor's table or in a yarn shop!

    posted by: MimiD on 2010-11-21 01:16:18

  • Indigo. :) The colour is such an inspiration to me that it is my daughter's name. Indigo Rain. :)

    posted by: Sarah Whaley on 2010-11-20 21:21:02

  • My fave color is black, but that's rather gruesome when it comes to nature. In nature my fave color is red, like autumn's red foliage.

    posted by: hotknitter on 2010-11-19 22:10:35

  • I am inspired by the colors of the sunset. I love the pinks and oranges which may have something to do with the NYC pollution!

    posted by: Julie on 2010-11-18 13:22:21

  • Purple is my favorite color, so mulberries, blackberries and raspberries are good, I think.

    posted by: Sandy on 2010-11-17 22:30:20

  • I've loved many colors through the years, but am presently stuck on the beautiful rusty colors of the falling leaves from my oaks trees. The colors range from orange to red to brown and everything in between. Gorgeous. Thanks for contest and a great show.

    posted by: Savannagal on 2010-11-17 19:23:12

  • I love the purple on the inside of a blueberry... so rich and dark.

    posted by: Knittaroo on 2010-11-16 13:18:24

  • The Russian olive tree (doesn't bear fruit) that I have in my front garden. It has the most gorgeous green leaves with a silvery green underleaf. Wish I could dye some yarn in those colours.

    posted by: Donna on 2010-11-16 09:54:59

  • I think my favorite colors in nature come from the darkest red (nearly black) roses as well as the colors of deep burgundy dahlias.

    posted by: VillageKnittiot on 2010-11-16 02:38:17

  • Sumac!

    posted by: chrisimon on 2010-11-15 21:59:24

  • Ripe eggplant, or the color of blackberry jam!

    posted by: Margaret on 2010-11-15 21:25:51

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